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The Carters

Updated Monday, January 13, 2003 -- Click Here for Note.

The Revolutionary War Pension Application for Isaac Carter.  This was copied from a site on RootsWeb.  Isaac Carter is the farthest back that is known of our Carters.  They don't know who his parents were and believe he may have been orphaned.  They believe Samuel Carter was his younger brother or at least a half brother but there is no proof of this.  But we are descended from both of them coming down different lines.

The Family of Isaac Carter.  This was taken from the web site of Bob Strong, a long time researcher of the Carters and others.  He died recently, and Doc Carter said he had been the backbone of the Carter circle of researchers.

The Family of Derrel Carter.  This also was taken from the web site of Bob Strong.

I'll try to give you a quick rundown on our lineage back to Isaac and Samuel.

Back to Isaac:

Our grandfather, William Jimsson Carter, was the son of Richard Tillman Carter and Naomi Augusta Cutrer, who are buried at Woodland Cemetery in Kentwood along with grandpa, grandma, and a lot of other Carters (including Dad's sister, Effie Eudora).  Now this gets interesting because Naomi goes back up to Isaac Carter and Richard Tillman goes back up to Samuel Carter.  According to Doc Carter they were second cousins, once removed, if Samuel and Isaac were, in fact, brothers.

Naomi Cutrer was the daughter of William Clifton Cutrer and Jane Raborn Carter.  Jane Carter was the daughter of Allen Carter and Martha Raborn.  Allen Carter was the son of Isaac Carter, the American Revolutionary soldier.  Another interesting little thing . . . Martha Raborn was the daughter of Joseph Raborn II (the Rev Joseph Raborn) who was the brother of George Raborn, who is the ancestor of Robert Raborn of Baton Rouge and our grandmother and Aunt Carrie Raborn.


Back to Samuel:

Richard Tillman Carter, our great grandfather, was the son of James Jameson Carter, who was killed in 1863 in the Civil War, and who was the son of Samuel Carter.

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Cynthia Samples gave me a lot of information.  She has been researching the Carters for about twenty years and she put me into contact with Doc Carter, who helped me so much. Her web site has a lot of information on the Carters, Cutrers, Raborns and other families who migrated together. Her web site is at