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The Family of Derrel Carter

158. Derrel CARTER was born in 1799 in Orangeburgh District, South Carolina. When he was about 10 or 11 years old, he relocated with his parents to southern Mississippi Territory, residing in Marion, Amite, and Lawrence Counties before settling around 1815 or 1816 in Pike County, Mississippi. His parents, Isaac and Nancy (Young) Carter resided on the Rocky Creek of the Tangipohoa River near the current town of Catawba. On 30 JUN 1817, Derrel Carter, who signed his name with only one letter "L", married Sarepta Taylor, daughter of Nimrod Taylor and Judith Bankston. They relocated before the 1850 census to the part of Bossier Parish, Louisiana, that later became Webster Parish, Louisiana. Derrell Carter died about 1876 at Sarepta, Webster Parish, Louisiana, the nane of which town devolved from his wife's given name. See story below under Sarepta Taylor Carter. Prior to the establishment of a post office at Sarepta, LA, they received mail through the Cotton Valley Post Office.

159. Sarepta / Sareptha TAYLOR was born about 1799 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Some family histories have reported a middle initial of "B.". Sarepta died after the 1870 census, probably at Sarepta, Bossier or Webster Parish, Louisiana -- more likely in Webster Parish, created 1871 out of Bossier and other parishes.

Information about the ancestry of Sarepta Taylor Carter can be found on Gayle Erickson's Home Page. See specifically the following four web pages: /GENE14-0012.html/; /GENE14-0017.html/; /GENE-0022.html/; /GENE14-0027.html/.

The History of Sarepta was written by the students of the Seventh Grade at Sarepta High School, class of 1924-1925, under the supervision of their instructor, Emily U. Miller. Chapter One is an account of "The Naming and Location of Sarepta". In brief, a church about two miles from where the town of Sarepta developed was in bad repair. In or about 1868 a new church building was constructed. Members were asked to propose a name for the new church. Mrs. Sarepta Carter proposed that if the church was named in her honor she would contribute a pulpit Bible. Thus the name Sarepta Church was adopted. A cemetery was later added next to the church building. [This was apparently the cemetery that is now referred to as "The Old Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery".] The town that subsequently developed nearby became known as the town of Sarepta. [There was also a Primitive Baptist Church, also called "Hardshell" Baptist Church, that was locacted just north of Sarepta town which also had a cemetery, apparently in two plots.] In 1910 "The New Sarepta Church" was constructed at a different location, with Rev. T. M. Carter as its first pastor.

Derrel Carter was enumerated on the 1820 and 1840 census of Pike County, MS [the 1830 census of that county was not preserved]; on the 1825, 1831, 1835, and 1843 tax lists of Pike County,MS; and the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census of Bossier (now Webster) Parish, LA.

Prior to the 1820 census, Derrel and Sarepta Carter had one son. He was probably Minton M. Carter, born before 1822 per the 1843 tax list of Pike Co., MS. Minton M. Carter accompanied Derrell and Harvil Carter, brothers, to Bossier Parish, La. The 1850 census of Bossier Parish, LA, indicated that Harvil Carter was only 12 years older then Minton Carter, so he can be excluded as Minton's father, leaving only Derrel Carter as the likely father of Minton Carter.

At the time of the 1850 census of Bossier Parish, LA, Judith Carter, age 13 years, was the only child remaining in the Derrell and Sarepta Carter household. Listed in successive households in 1850 were Derrell Carter, Jasper N. Carter, Harvil Carter, Minton Carter, Joseph Rayborn with wife Permancy, and in the James Houston household was Nancy (Carter) Cook. The clusterning of these families together is strong circumstantial evidence they were one clan. The proof that the others listed below were children of Derrel Carter and Sarepta Taylor is less convincing.

Lists of the purported children and grandchildren of Isaac and Nancy Carter are posted on "The Carters of Mississippi", a web page developed and maintained by Mrs. Cynthia Samples.

Land grants to Derrel Carter in Bossier Parish, now Webster Parish, LA, were signed by him on 1 OCT 1852 and 2 APR 1860 (three documents, none reporting the acreage). He received 40 acres in Section 26, Township 21 North, Range 10 West in the 1852 grant. The other three were in Section 34, Township 21 North, Range 10 West.

All of the children of Derrel Carter and Sarepta Taylor were apparently born in Pike County, Mississippi. They were:

• i. Minton Mansfield CARTER was born 11 or 14 JUN 1818. He married Nancy Emily Cutrer. Minton died on 20 or 30 SEP 1892 and was buried in the Holder Cemetery, Buckner, Hood County, Texas. Nancy died in Eastland County, Texas on 12 JUL 1912 and was buried in the Long Branch Cemetery.

• ii. Jasper Newton CARTER was born about 1822. He married about 1846. His first wife was Barbara Floranna Carter. His second wife was Mary Caroline Nickerson, who died 1895 in Columbia County, Arkansas. Date and place of Jasper Newton Carter's death is uncertain but he possibly also died in Columbia County, Arkansas.

• iii. Permancy (spelling uncertain) CARTER m. Joseph RABORN, Jr. (III). She was born about 1825 and married about 1842. She died in NOV 1857 in Bossier Parish, LA.

•79 iv. Nancy Jane CARTER married, first, about 1848, Taylor COOK and,second, William K. O'NEAL.

• v. John J. CARTER was born about 1832 and died about 1859, apparently in Bossier Parish, LA. He never married.

• vi. Judith CARTER m. John Marion DOYLE on 9 NOV 1853. She was born on 3 AUG 1837 and died on 1 AUG 1863 in Bossier Parish, LA.


The following four were not in the Derrel Carter household in 1850, raising serious questions about whether these four were children of Derrel and Sarepta Carter. Persons with these names and birth years never appeared on the census of Bossier Parish or Webster Parish, LA. It appears that some of the children of Minton M. Carter were erroneously attributed to Minton's father, Derrel Carter, but the years of birth do not match Minton's children, either.

• vii. Isaac CARTER was born about 1838. No information about his marriage or death are currently available. Minton M. Carter had a son named Isaac Carter who was born about 1866 in LA.

• viii. Joseph H. CARTER was born about 1839. No information about his marriage and death are currently available. In 1850, Minton M. Carter had a son named Joseph H. Carter who was born about 1846 in LA.

• ix. Hardy CARTER was born about 1840. No information about his marriage and death are currently available.

• x. Harvil CARTER was born about 1841. No information about his marriage and death are currently available. In 1850, Minton M. Carter had a son named Harvil Carter who was born about 1848 in LA.


Frank N. "Doc" Carter has graciously contributed a Family Group Sheet for the Derrel and Sarepta Carter family, which has been relied upon for the vital records in this account. "Doc" Carter resides at 247 Mockingbird Lane, San Angelo, Texas 76901-4809. His descent is from Minton Carter.

Peggy Cansler, (Mrs. Ronald Cansler), 5151 South Greenway Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85706 also contibuted Family Group Sheets for a descending line of the Derrel Carter family. Her contribution is also much appreciated. Ronald Cansler descends from Jasper William ("Doc") Carter.